The Caring One Nancy Ballard

A Resource

Lastly, Nancy provides valuable resources that offers facts, practical suggestions, ideas and facts us and and the ones we care for.

“Humor must play an important role in care as well,” Nancy states.  

“I have to laugh when I hear stories of loved ones

...trying to turn on the TV with the phone vs. the remote

...the first time they forgot how to fill the car up with gas

...forgettingh ow to make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.”

She calls these moments semi-sweet and encourages us to remember, semi-sweet is still chocolate.

With an art therapy point-of-view, Nancy facilitates watercolor classes through Memories in the Making, an Alzheimer Association outreach program.  She also developed an adjunct program for Dr. Bruce L. Miller and the Memory and Aging Center at UCSF.

Nancy partnered in publishing with Palm of Her Hand founder, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, who has published journals/workbooks in the field of wellness. Palm of Her Hand is a division of Cosmic Cowgirls Ink, LLC a woman and girl owned publishing company committed to creating positive media and tools for transformation.



A Story

First is her story with the purpose of providing encouragement through her experiences and honoring the life and contributions of her Mother.  As a daughter, a watercolor and pastel artist, and an author Nancy shares her story with compassion and inspiration, sprinkled throughout with humor, gratitude and love.


In The Caring One, Nancy continues her theme of self care as she writes, “This is a book about caring – caring for others and caring for yourself.  It grew out of my personal experience, starting with email updates of my Mother's health including reports of medications, forgetfulness, the beginning of a mean streak and the need to be entertained and amused.”

As of a way of staying close, and feeling as if she had no true skills to contribute, she turned once again to artistic expression by offering her siblings the opportunity of being drawn with their Mother, one at a time with an essence portrait.

“I was given the gift of seeing my siblings care for and trust their Mother so purely as they were drawn together,” Nancy says.  “I was simply an observer, a conduit that united them.  They allowed me the privilege of seeing them as they nurtured and honored the fading parent child relationship, while contributing to the color sparkle, and splendor of the moment.”

Touched by the experience, Nancy recognized the importance of connection during a most difficult time and The Caring One was born of that desire to share.

A Journal

In the second section, Nancy offers us the comfort of a journal as a means of expression.  You may support your self-care through exercises in writing and creative expression as she encourages us to tell our stories.  Through these exercises you will gain insight not only into yourself but also into the person for whom you are caring. with art, meditation, prayer and imagery.