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She loves him; she loves him not. He loves her, he always will...

One may need to pluck at a daisy to keep tabs on YC and Martin and their countless escapades growing up during the time of free love and rock and roll that permeated San Francisco in the 60's and 70's.

Martin and YC's brother are high school friends and it is only a matter of time before Martin is an invited guest to a family dinner. Although pre dinner cocktails are not mandatory, all invited guests old enough to hold a glass are required to partake in the family wine.

Thrilled by the aliveness of this large, quirky, Irish Catholic family, and his love-at-first-sight infatuation with YC (never mind she is engaged to another) Martin is on his way to weaving himself into the hearts of YC and her family.

Within this nostalgic backdrop we hear from them both in parallel dialogues, as their lives intertwine in ever changing, often separate and unusual directions. They experience the Vietnam War (Martin gets drafted), changes are noted aka YC's divorce (it was bound to happen), opportunities pass, love abounds, there is another wedding (he's invited to both), drugs (not YC ever), pregnancies (to Martin's delight) and many other situations are encountered.

As YC does her best to avoid any real love in her life, Martin searches for the courage necessary to fight for what he has so long desired-the hand, the body, the love of YC.