Nancy J Ballard

Author of new release

"Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo

A Story. A Tool Box."

Nancy’s personal vision is that this gift of beauty and kindness will make rocked rooms the norm, no longer the exception, everywhere.


“Carry out random acts of kindness With no expectation of reward, Safe in the knowledge that one day Someone might do the same for you.”

~ Princess Diana


About the Book

This book is an invitation to all people in all communities, to utilize the mechanics of RTR4C and transform sad and drab spaces into healing, hopeful, and lovely environments.

About the Author

Nancy J Ballard is an Author, Artist, and Advocate who founded Rooms that Rock 4 Chemo, an "Accidental Nonprofit" based out of San Francisco California. 



“When your crew came and did over our hospital at Aria, I couldn’t believe what you all accomplished in a weekend. I remember Nancy, Cora Sue an Amy who were just Wonderful people. Then read all the other places. You have changed many people’s lives for the better, having to sit there every day. God Bless you all. Keep up the great work!!!!”
— - Barbara Moyer Sanville