Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo A story. A tool Box

Rooms That Rock 4 Chemo A Story. A Tool Box tells the stories of the twenty projects I have facilitated with the help of hundreds of volunteers and designers, community involvement, and local sponsors.

In case you are so inclined to help in your community whether it be a chemotherapy room, a class room or an old folks home, the formula is the same, thus the Tool Box. It’s all you need to know to get yourself off the couch and involve your community to transform a space. 

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The Caring One

The Caring One focuses on caring for yourself while caring for others.This important work is a direct result of Nancy's intimate relationship with her mothers diagnosis with Dementia /Alzheimer's Disease.

This is a workbook divided into three sections; a story, a journal and a resource sharing information on dementia symptoms

* Designed to provide care for  caregivers  and family members.

Invited Guests Nancy Ballard

Invited Guests

She loves him; she loves him not.

He loves her, he always will... One may need to pluck at a daisy to keep tabs on YC and Martin and their countless escapades growing up during the time of free love and rock and roll that permeated San Francisco in the 60’s and 70’s.

A fictional work of art inspired by actual events of love, challenges, and authenticity.