In high school I won local awards for my creativity both in art and writing. However, I was reminded at a very early age that artists don’t make money and cannot support themselves. It’s just a hobby and must be treated as such. So I studied extra hard and excelled in my lessons – typing, shorthand, and business law, knowing there was no college in my future. There were no computers, no spell check. If you made a mistake, you simply removed the paper from your typewrite, crunched it up and threw it in the garbage and retyped the entire manuscript!

My art dreams were securely stashed away as I occasionally dabbled on my own. As my kids grew older and I had a bit more time, I took classes at the local community colleges and adult education always remembering fondly the smell of poster paints first introduced in kindergarten.

in 2008, after a two year program under the professional guidance of Mary L. Harden I graduated as a Master Artist of Botanical Illustration with the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society / Strybing Arboretum. Yes me!

Learning to paint with a small palate of 21 colors that, God forbid, did not include black, white or green I excelled at the freedom watercolors allowed and the beautiful delicacy of the flowers I fell in love with.

I am honored to have been recognized for my vivid use of color and powerful, often over the top perspective. Please feel welcome to browse the below gallery.